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For over 11 years now I am a professional photographer, photographing faces and beautiful surroundings. For over many more years I am looking for beautiful items to do this in. I am Marieke Lubbers, and this is the story behind the start of my webshop.

Almost every month I got questions about my camera gear and clothing. Unfortunately the gear was always hard to find in Europe in genuine beautiful leather and colors. I found my straps in London. Second handed.  Unfortunately I had to dissapoint everybody asking where I bought it. Beautiful made camera straps were are so hard to find! 

In the spring of 2019 I stumbled upon beautiful made leather products in Marrakesh. This happend on our last day of our city trip, with no intentions what so ever of creating something like I am offering now on this website. 

We were strolling around in the shop and suddenly the idea of making my own camera straps came across my mind. I asked the very kind man if he could make it exactly like mine.
And so it all began. He showed me different kind of leather and hooks. After that he made a strap exactly how I wanted it.  Simple, pure, strong and wild. In a vintage brown color. 


I was so happy!


But could he make me a few more samples on time?

Because of leaving Marrakesh the next morning we only had that day. To be exact: we only had 6 hours left. He was so kind and so understanding that he made 10 for me that day that we could pick up 6 hours later! It was such a crazy day!

Back in Holland I showed them to my friends and family and they all wanted them! In the next months after Marrakesh I was looking for even better and stronger leather and more beautiful colors to make a whole collection.


Because I am so extremely precise in what I like I must have seen hundreds of leather. It is so difficult to find the perfect ones.


But I found them. And they were perfect. Pure, simple design, gorgeous earth tones and very strong. Wild Label was born and it was a great adventure. 

Unfortunately because of factory problems I could not proceed this brand. And that's ok because after 4 years of leather straps it's time for something new. It's time for gorgeous clothing. In the most beautiful fabrics and perfect earth tones. Hope you love it as much as I do.


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